Estancia EST02

In the middle of the 18th century the historical farm was founded as a kind of fortress and was sold to the first president of Argentina. He build the actually houses but sold the land shortly afterwards. The enchanting Estancia with its ancient buildings from 1830 is located on the shores of the Río Negro. The river is with its tributaries a beautiful nature paradise. Next to the river you can discover a forest with trees of more than 800 years and an enormous diversity of birds – 129 species of bird can be observed here!

Based on its unique location the Estancia offers a wonderful panoramic view over the huge estate and in the evening you can watch fascinating sunsets as well as the „Southern Cross“ on the nocturnal starry sky. The solitary sand beaches of the Río Negro invite you for swimming – this experience you should not miss!


Distance to Montevideo: 293 km

More impressions you find in this Youtube-VIDEO


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