Uruguay vacation - circular trips

Discover the diversity of Uruguay and South America on our circular trips and explore wonderful landcsapes as well as authentic culture. Circular trips are the best options for vacationists to experience plenty of the country, the human and the culture. Uruguay have many faces; besides pristine beaches and a stunning nature you also find a living colonial history.

Enjoy the beauty of Uruguay on our several circular trips and discover famous destinations and unknown regions. Uruguay is an paradise for all who like to know and enjoy a country and its nature on an active way. Our circular trips through Uruguay you find here. Individual destinations can be an inspiration for your private circular trip - just tell us your wishes and we will be pleased to organise it for you.

Beautiful beaches, authentic country life, impressive stately homes in the spanish colonial style, stunning natural landscapes, extensive bridle paths, huge golf courses, historical Bodegas with first class wines and much more.


  • Iguazú, Itaipú and San Ignacio Mini
    Enjoy an unforgattable natural spectacle and visit the largest waterfalls in the world. Furthermore you discover on this trip Jesuit ruins and immerse yourself in the world of semi-precious stones. Treat yourself great travel experiences for little money.

    - Iguazú waterfalls and National Parks in Argentina and Brazil
    - Itaipú dam
    - San Ignacio Mini (Jesuits ruins and world cultural heritage)
    - Misiones, Wanda and Ciudad del Este

    7 days / 6 nights
    up   606 USD     ⇒ Itinerary